What ever happened to that health coach?

Put simply, I’ve been hibernating – a.k.a excavating my unhealed wounds. Since you last heard from me, my life and relationship fell apart. It sucked! I had to get real honest with myself about how I was showing up in my life. For two years I’ve been healing and reimagining my self-esteem, health, marriage, future […]

3 years’ difference…feels like a lifetime…

In preparation for family pictures three years ago, I spent at least three weeks (and an Amazon merchandise exchange) obsessing over and re-coordinating our family picture outfits. I chose a high-end photographer (we were broke at the time). It just had to look perfect. The irony? Things were far from perfect. We took family pictures […]

I wanted to do this for 7 years!

Seven years ago, I wanted to switch up my look. With long flowing locks, which at the time were a significant part of my identity) I started perusing Pinterest for bold pixie cut hairstyles – researching all the different styles of pixie cuts that flattered specific face shapes. Every blog I found that gave advice […]

I’m sorry.

I’m sorry I dragged my feet on hiring my current coach. My coach, Stacey is helping me develop into a better coach every single day. I am constantly up-leveling and so excited to serve my clients in more powerful ways. When I finally got honest with myself about my tired-ass excuses and the rewards I […]

A ship without a rudder…

This new year, my family and I will sit down on the family room floor and create vision boards. We will cut out magazine pictures of things we want to create or acquire in our lives. We will glue them to our boards with inspirational quotes or statements of intention. And my daughters will make […]

I’m in recovery

I used to be addicted to control; controlling people, conversations, and situations. I tried controlling the arguments my husband and I would frequently create. I tried controlling my children. I tried to control the way people perceived me; and the way people perceived my husband and children as extensions of me. I tried fixing everyone […]

Much to my chagrin

When I first started coaching years ago, I began by recommending to each client that they meditate daily. I presented well-documented evidence on the benefits of meditation and encouraged the practice often. There was a big problem with this. I didn’t meditate. I wanted to want to meditate. I attempted to establish the habit many […]

Support a robust immune system and stay healthy

In my opinion, supporting the immune system and the cell mitochondria is the best way to stay physically healthy. Drawing from my extensive training in holistic nutrition (using food as medicine) here are some of my favorite immune and mitochondria supporting strategies and nutrients. I know it’s long, but worth the read. THESE STATEMENTS HAVE […]

That’s just who I am

I used to have a belief that I didn’t finish things that I start. “I’m a great starter . . .” I’d say. “. . . but no good at finishing.” I’d look for evidence of that belief to make it more true. Above is a picture of a needlepoint project I started when I […]