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Are you prepared to lead a successful, fulfilling life? With my life coaching services, you’ll gain clarity, overcome obstacles, and develop effective strategies to achieve your goals.
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We at Standard Of Care are a family-owned and operated company to help you with your addiction and bring about a lifestyle change for your wellness.

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My four-factor coaching process results in rapid positive shifts in the lives of my clients. I believe that every person has the ability to transcend their limitations to transform their lives, creating better health outcomes, more fulfilling careers, and personal relationships. Why? Because I’ve experienced this transformation in myself and the individuals I’ve coached. Each individual’s personal transformation transforms the world.
Merianne Drew Coaching

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Discover your inner power and take responsibility for your own growth and happiness.
Merianne Drew Coaching

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Merianne Drew Coaching

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As a dedicated and compassionate coach, I am driven by a genuine desire to empower individuals and guide them toward personal growth and fulfillment. With a deep understanding of the human experience and a background in various coaching disciplines, I bring a unique and holistic approach to my clients’ journeys. I firmly believe in the power of self-discovery and the potential for transformation that lies within each individual. Through my coaching services, I create a safe and supportive space where clients can explore their inner landscape, uncover their true passions, and align their actions with their core values. With a specialization in Life Coaching, I help my clients set meaningful goals, develop strategies, and overcome obstacles hindering their progress. I work collaboratively with them, providing guidance and accountability as they navigate their personal and professional lives, ultimately creating a life that aligns with their true desires.



Confusion in the fog sucks. Together we’ll cut through the fog of swirling thoughts and indecision and get clear on what you value most. Not only will I guide you to breakthrough after breakthrough. I’ll teach you how to break out of the fog any time you feel uncertain, confused, or frozen in fear.


When breakthrough lights the better path forward, continually traveling that path requires repeated practice and tools for getting back on track when old patterns beckon. You’ll learn how to be in process with grace, grit, and persistence.


As you practice bringing your thoughts and actions into alignment with your values i.e. having your own back, the result is an overall feeling of relief and relaxation. Embracing and living as your most authentic self results in you showing up in the world with more ease, purpose, self-respect and courage. Finally become the person you always wanted to be.
Merianne Drew Coaching

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