Boats in the harbor

There’s a saying that goes: “A ship in harbor is safe, but that’s not what ships are built for.” But is it really? I have spent most of my life trying not to feel inadequate. My brain had me convinced it’s too dangerous . . . too painful. My life choices reflect this pain intolerance. […]


Ever notice that when you use a lot of energy trying to avoid something, it usually happens? I notice it when I’m anxious about being late. I’m so wrapped-up and focused on not being late, that I arrive late. Every. Single. Time. How about this one? . . . ‘don’t be like my mom’ . […]

Reality Check

Don’t complain about what you allow. Ouch. That one is always hard to hear. Because it cuts through the shit and gets to reality. . . Most of the stuff we complain about is stuff we allow. Whenever I find myself complaining about my struggles with parenting (which is more often than I’d like to […]

Year-End Review

Every year I do a year-end review. Why? I do it because in order to get where I’m going I have to: a. have an aim (detailed and defined). People that don’t have an aim only drift through life. b. know where I am in relation to that aim c. know how I got where […]

Better than before

You’re becoming someone else all the time. Think about it. Your perspective on life has changed a lot over the last ten years. Maybe even drastically. You have different close relationships (even if with the same people). Your bank account activity has changed. You drive your car differently. Your eating habits have changed. Your entertainment […]

How dare you?

The topic of boundaries has been coming up in many coaching sessions over the past couple of weeks. So I thought it might be valuable to write about it. Many people don’t know what a personal boundary is so I’ll just define it right here: something that indicates a limit on what you’ll participate in […]

I lost my mojo

After a little more than a year of positive momentum; having courageously stepped into the vision I’d created for myself, crushing my goals; building confidence, competence and expertise in my skillset; having my most successful coaching year yet, operating from flow not hustle; and abundance not scarcity . . . I faltered. Yup. I lost […]

How Life Coaching Can Help You Overcome Obstacles

Life is full of challenges, obstacles, and uncertainties that can leave us overwhelmed and stuck. Whether it’s a career setback, relationship struggles, or personal limitations, these hurdles can hinder our growth and prevent us from living our best lives. However, a powerful tool is available to help navigate these obstacles and unlock our true potential: […]

Mistakes to Avoid When Hiring Life Coaching Services

Hiring a life coach may be a game-changer, as they can help you overcome obstacles and get closer to your objectives. However, not all life coaches are created equal, and making the wrong choice can lead to a disappointing or ineffective coaching experience. In this blog post, we will discuss common mistakes to avoid when […]